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product arrow Strontium Basic MicroSDHC Class 6 8GB - SR8GTFC6

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Strontium Basic MicroSDHC Class 6 8GB - SR8GTFC6

Your BASIC Mobile Data Solution

Strontium BASIC microSD 2GB-32GB flash cards offers an impressive storage of music, high-definition videos, high-resolution photos and games in a tiny body. Our microSD/SDHC card allows user to fully utilize their mobile devices and enjoy the true potential of data storage with great ease. Equipped with a speed "Class" rating, our microSD/SDHC cards promises a minimum data transfer rate that ensures optimal performance with devices that apply MicroSD/SDHC.

More Memory for Your Device

The Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card (Class 6) is the simplest solution to your storage needs. Enhance you device's storage capacity with this MicroSD card by storing data like documents, photographs, videos, music files, etc. You can be sure all of that is safe and easily available at hand, whenever you need it. The Strontium microSD card is the ultimate storage solution that keeps your data safe and secure and gives you easy access to it.

High Speed and Durable Memory Card

With the new Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card you can be rest assured of impeccable performance. Enjoy amazing data transfer speed while moving or copying your data from the card to another device. This Strontium Memory card offers a minimum transfer speed of 6 MB/s. It is designed to function perfectly well in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. The memory card's compliance with the SDMI standard promises safety and security of your data.

Easy Compatibility

We recommend you to buy the Strontium memory card online not only because it is durable and provides high speed but also because it is easily compatible with any microSD or microSDHC devices like mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc. The microSDHC card comes with a SD adapter which lets you connect to any other SD compliant devices such as laptops, camcorders and other handheld devices as well. It is also compatible with the latest 3.0 SD card specifications.


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